19 June 2011

10 simple ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

1. Use your vehicle less often. Do you really have to drive to the convenience store, to your friend’s house, or to the office? Try to reach your destination by walking, riding a bike, carpooling or using public transportation. A 10% reduction in vehicle use can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from 0.2 to 0.8 tonnes per year.
2. Drive more moderately. Accelerating gradually (instead of being heavy-footed) and reducing your driving speed saves fuel and reduces emissions.
3. Keep your vehicle in good operating condition. Proper tire inflation reduces fuel consumption and improves vehicle safety. Well-tuned engines might consume only 50% as much fuel and exhaust only 1/30 the emissions when compared to a similar, poorly tuned engine.
4. Lower your thermostat at home. You can save about 3% on heating costs for every degree you reduce your thermostat setting. After a short while, you probably won’t even notice the temperature difference.
5. Use your microwave oven more often. A typical microwave uses about one-half the energy of a stovetop element.
6. Reduce your computer’s energy consumption. Enable your monitor’s energy saving features when in use. Turn off your computer equipment at night and at other times when it doesn’t have to be left on. An LCD monitor consumes only 20-50% of the energy of a conventional CRT monitor.
7. Use less lighting. Take advantage of natural light when available instead of using electrical lighting. Turn off lights when a room or area is not occupied.
8. Hang your laundry. If time isn’t a concern, try hanging some or all of your laundry to dry instead of using the clothes dryer.
9. Be a smart shopper. When making a purchase, you probably have an opportunity to make an environmentally-wise selection. You can have an impact on energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions when buying everything from groceries (which may come in recycled packaging) to household appliances to automobiles. You’ll usually save money in the long run and see other benefits, too.
10. Be open to new ideas. We are continuously being presented with new solutions and opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. While the saying "old habits die hard" is often true, adopting new ways of going about our everyday activities - even by making small changes to the way we do things - can have a significant impact on the big picture.

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